Duke City Hamfest Vendor Information Page

Duke City Hamfest will make indoor table space available to commercial vendors. We have a veriety of table sizes.

Contact ??? to reserve your tables and location in the commercial vendor room.


  1. Vendors must register on-line using the Vendor Registration form. Is this true??? We probably want to say contact someone for details.
  2. Registration must be paid in full prior to the event or vendors may not be allowed to occupy booth/table.
  3. Purchase of any combination of booths and/or tables provides a commercial vendor with up to two free admittance badges. Additional badges will cost $12.50 on-line or $15.00 at the door.
  4. When you arrive, check in at the Vendor table by the rear doors before you set up. This is located at the rear of the Grand Foyer near the doors where you need to bring in your merchandise. Please check in to receive your badge(s) and any last-minute instructions.
  5. Your registration packet will include a floor plan indicating where your table is located.
  6. Look for table-top name tags as well, but in the event of a discrepancy between floor plan and tags, the floor plan will be the final arbiter.


  1. Badges must be worn at all times when in the exhibit hall or the meeting rooms or banquet areas.

Set-up Time:

  1. Vendors need to set up on Thursday afternoon starting at 3pm and ending at 7pm. Vendors may also set up on Friday morning between 7am and 10 am.  The doors open   at 10am on Friday.
  2. If you have an extensive set-up and need to use the dock to load in or out, or have other special needs, contact us at vendors@dukecityhamfest.org. Please remain set up during the entire Sales time through noon on Sunday.


Loading and Unloading Zone:

  1. DCHF will provide a few dollies and small flat-bed hand trucks for transport of merchandise from vehicle to booth/table. We will have some staff available to assist as well.
  2. See Maps to locate loading and unloading zones. The ballroom loading dock is for large quantities of merchandise but can accommodate only two or three vehicles at a time. The foyer unloading area is for commercial vendors who need only a few runs with hand carts to move their merchandise into the commercial-vendor/flea-market hall. Note: The resort prohibits carts or hand trucks moving through the resort’s main lobby.
  3. Please move vehicles away from the loading area and into official parking spaces as quickly as possible to make space for others.
  4. Loading in and loading out through the hotel lobby is strictly limited to hand-carried items. Materials that may require use of two-wheeled (or more) apparatus must go through the designated loading-unloading area. Passenger elevators and escalators are designed for passenger use and are not intended to carry heavy weights.



  1. Loading in and loading out through the hotel lobby is strictly limited to hand-carried items. Materials that may require use of two-wheeled (or more) apparatus must go  through the designated loading-unloading area. Passenger elevators and escalators are designed for passenger use and are not intended to carry heavy weights.
  2. Vendor tables are 6′ X 30″.
  3. Prices: $60 for the first booth, $40 for each additional booth; Additional 6-foot vendor tables for the booth or tables without pipe and drape are $35 for each table and two chairs.
  4. Electricity will be provided at vendor booths and tables.


Booth and Table Locations:

  1. Location is first come, first serve, during pre-registration but may be subject to change if the need arises.


Booth and Table Housekeeping:

  1. All decorations and banners within the exhibitor’s booth must be fire-retardant in accordance with fire codes.
  2. Packing materials, waste and debris must be removed prior to the start of vendor hours and kept picked up during the convention.
  3. All areas are inspected periodically.
  4. Boxed brochures, product, and sales material storage must be kept tight, orderly, and not stored in the aisles or where it may interfere with another vendor.
  5. Please do not encroach on aisles that border your designated area.
  6. Fire extinguishers, hose cabinets, fire exits, or fire alarms cannot be blocked or covered.


Extension Cords, Plugs and Lighting:

  1. All extension cords must be a minimum of 14 gauge, 3 wire and grounded.
  2. Ties, tape, and/or cable clamps must be used when running cords.
  3. Lightweight extension cords or “zip cords” are strictly prohibited.
  4. Power strips are approved for additional outlet plugs (cube taps are not allowed).
  5. Cords, plugs, and strips must have UL labeling.
  6. Lighting must be UL-labeled and use must be consistent with the lighting’s design.

Sales Time by Day:

  1. Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  2. Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  3. Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


  1. All signs must be affixed to pipe and drape or table. All tables will be skirted by the hotel.
  2. Nothing is to be affixed to the walls.

Advertising opportunities:

  1. We will put vendor logos up on our website, and perhaps have them scrolling on a computer screen in the Hallway. This is free to you. Submit your logos electronically to  vendors@dukecityhamfest.org. Is this set up?


  1. The indoor commercial vendor/fleamarket area will be locked at night by the CEC staff.
  2. Neither the DCHF nor the CEC can be held responsible for damage, loss, or theft.
  3. Exhibitor is responsible for his or her own security.


  1. No smoking in the CEC
  2. Sales Tax: Exhibitors are responsible for collection and payment of New Mexico State Retail Sales Tax as applicable. For more information, please visit  http://www.tax.newmexico.gov/Businesses/Pages/Home.aspx. This is a dead link


  1. Any damage caused to the building or furnishings by the Exhibitor is the sole   responsibility of the Exhibitor.
  2. Exhibitor agrees to protect, keep, and save Duke City HamFest (DCHF) forever harmless from any damage(s) or charge(s) imposed for violations of any ordinance or regulation by the Exhibitor, his employees or agents. Further, Exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and keep harmless DCHF against and from any loss, cost,  damage, liability, or expense which arises out of or from or by reason of any act or omission of the Exhibitor, his employees, or agents. In the event that the Hotel or any part of the exhibit area thereof is unavailable, whether for the entire event or a portion of the event, as a result of fire, flood, tempest, or another such cause, or as a result of governmental intervention, malicious damage, acts of war, strike, labor disputes, riot, or agency which the DCHF has no control, or should the DCHF decide that because of any such cause it is necessary to cancel, postpone, or re‐site the HamFest, or reduce             installation time, exhibit time, or move‐out time, the DCHF shall not be liable to   indemnify or reimburse the Exhibitor in respect of any damage or loss, direct or indirect arising as a result thereof.

Updated 3/21/2024