DCHF Attendance Policy

By attending the DCHF, you grant New Mexico Hamvention, Inc permission to use photos and/or video in which you may appear for future promotion and marketing of the DCHF. When possible, we will do our best to not capture images of minors without prior permission from their parent/guardian.

Attending any public event includes risk of harm or injury. New Mexico Hamvention, Inc will take reasonable precautions to ensure a safe environment for all participants, but cannot be held liable for any harm or injury you may experience which includes but is not limited to:

  • Theft, loss, or damage to personal property
  • Personal injury that occurs while participating in or attending any DCHF activity
  • Any respiratory illness contracted from another attendee

New Mexico Hamvention, Inc will follow any local, state, or national health orders that may be in effect during the Hamfest. Individuals may wear a facemask if they wish, but New Mexico Hamvention, Inc will not require their use during the event.

Any individual acting in a threatening or harassing manner, whether verbal or physical, will be asked to leave the Hamfest. No refunds will be given, and any raffle prize tickets submitted by the individual will be deemed ineligible if later drawn.


Last Updated 3/21/2024