EMCOM Workshop

John Mocho (top) – KC5QOC facilitator/Lead Instructor

John  is a retired Agricultural Engineer, Honeywell Staff Engineer  and Royal Healthcare Data Center Manager. John holds an EXTRA  class license and  is currently the President of the Caravan Amateur Radio Club and is active in the  Bernalillo County ARES. John’s favorite amateur radio recreational modes are FT8,  FT4, SSTV, and Winlink Emergency communication modes.

Jim Frazier, KC5RUO. facilitator/lead Instructor

Jim is a retired USAF communications engineering officer and Honeywell Defense Avionics project engineer. Jim holds an EXTRA class license and spends most of his time as the Bernalillo County ARES Emergency Coordinator and Air Force MARS radio operator. Jim’s favorite amateur radio recreational modes are FT8, FT4, and the Winlink digital emergency communication modes.

Ed Poccia, KC2LM

I am a retired teacher with experience at the Elementary, Middle School, Undergraduate and Graduate levels. While working at the middle school level, I had a ham station in my classroom operating HF SSB Voice and VHF Packet modes bringing ham radio into the curriculum.

I have been a Ham Radio operator since 1961, currently holding an EXTRA class license.

My favorite recreational modes include; CW contesting, keyboard to keyboard modes and SSTV.

I developed the New Mexico Packet Pals group last year, in order to provide additional training and experience using Packet Radio for emergency communication.

Registration required

The Emergency Communications (EMCOM) Workshop will be a hands-on training opportunity for those who would like to become proficient with the Winlink digital messaging EMCOM modes. Students will learn to compose, transmit, and receive Winlink emails using the following digital communication modes: Packet Winlink, Packet Peer-to-Peer (P2P), VARA FM Winlink, VARA FM P2P, VARA HF Winlink, and VARA HF P2P.

The workshop will kick off with an overview of the Winlink emergency communications modes: what they are, their capabilities, and when to use them.

There are no prerequisites for workshop attendance and training will be conducted using instructor-provided equipment. However, students are welcome to bring their EMCOM station components to receive assistance with making their Winlink station operational. We also plan to have a transceiver test bench for operators to assess their radio’s capabilities to support Winlink digital comm.


The Duke City Hamfest is pleased to report that we have received an anonymous contribution with the stipulation that it be used to cover the rental costs for the room associated with the EMCOM Workshop. Consequently, the registration fee for this event has been reduced to $1. This small fee will be used to offset incidental printing costs associated with this event and to assist in keeping an accurate count of the number of participants. The DCHF and the EMCOM Workshop Team are very grateful for this generous contribution.

Last Update: 4/12/2024