Do you have a passion towards a particular subject in Amateur Radio? Here is an opportunity to share it with fellow HAM’s at the 2024 Duke City Hamfest (DCHF).

We are seeking speakers to deliver presentations on technical and non technical topics focusing on Amateur Radio. Presentations will be delivered in person on Saturday September 21st, 2024 during the DCHF forums. These are non paid, volunteer presentations. Forum presenters will receive free admission to the 2024 DCHF. Forum sessions are  limited to fifty(50) minutes in length which includes time for Q&A. We would like presentations to be delivered with an accompanying PowerPoint slide deck.

Examples of amateur radio topic areas we are seeking include, but are not limited to:

    • Emerging Digital Modes
    • Antennas & Propagation
    • Dxing, Contesting, & other technical areas
    • General Interest

We will consider any topic focused within the realm of Amateur Radio. Please don’t hesitate to submit your proposal.

We request that your submission package should include the following:

    • A short speaker’s bio with contact information (300 words or less).
      • This will help us get to know you and give us what we need to help promote your forum presentation.
    • An abstract of your presentation (300 words or less) .
      • This outline focuses on the central concepts around your forum presentation.
    • Required Technical/Audio Visual equipment to deliver the presentation
    • If available, a sample of some slides from a previous/current PowerPoint presentation you developed. This is not required but tells us more about you as a presenter.

Submissions for consideration will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to submit more than one (1) presentation for consideration. The submission deadline for consideration to present is May 31, 2024.

If you have any questions contact Michael R. Smith, KI5NBP, 2024 DCHF Forums Coordinator by email at

Please send your submissions for consideration by email to:

Last updated 5/1/2024