VE Testing

FREE VE testing will be offered on the morning of Saturday, September 21. This will be a great opportunity to earn your initial Technician class
license, or upgrade to General or Extra class. Individuals who pass their Technician exam at the VE session will be given free general admission to the hamfest.

Individuals do not need to pay admission to the hamfest if they solely wish to participate in the VE session. However, admission must be paid to attend any other hamfest activities, unless you just passed your Technician exam.

All individuals wishing to test must have a FCC Registration Number (FRN) in order to test. If you already have a callsign, you can find this on your license; otherwise, you must obtain a FRN before you can take your Technician exam. The FCC has instructions at the FCC ULS Web Site. We strongly encourage individuals needing to get a FRN to do so well in advance of the VE session as the FCC systems often undergo maintenance on the weekends and you will not be able to test without a FRN.

The FCC charges a $35 fee to issue a new amateur radio license. That fee is paid directly to the FCC after you pass your Technician exam.

It is recommended that individuals take online practice exams and routinely score at least 85-90% on any exam they wish to take. Several free online options include

All individuals wishing to take an exam must bring a photo ID, and if already licensed, a copy of your amateur radio license. You may use a simple calculator without advanced memory save capabilities, but cannot use any app on a smartphone.

Last Updated 3/21/2024