Prize Policy

We offer Prizes in six categories:

    1.  Grand Prizes
    2.  Banquet Prize
    3. Mixer Prize
    4. Pre-registration Prize
    5. Door Prize
    6. Volunteer Prize

General Rules applying to all categories:

    1. To purchase Prize Tickets during the event, you need to present your Hamfest badge to verify that you are registered attendee of the event.
    2. Any free registrations (youth and newly licensed Technicians from VE session) will not receive a free Prize ticket.
    3. We’ll ask you to sign a thank you card for any prize donated by a vendor or a manufacturer.  We consider this a courtesy we like to extend to those who have supported this event.  It’s an especially nice touch when it comes from the prize recipient.
    4. The Hamfest Board of Directors are not eligible to win prizes.


Rules for each specific category:

 Grand Prizes:

    1. All paid pre-registrants and walk-in registrants will receive one grand prize  raffle ticket each.
    2. Tickets are $2 each for these prizes. You can buy them when you pre-register or at the Hamfest prize table.  You may buy as many as you want.
    3. Each of the grand prizes will have a clearly labeled bucket at the prize table.  Fill out the ticket, writing your name, call sign (if any), address, and phone number in the spaces provided. Then put your ticket in the prize bucket of your choice.
    4. Drawings for these prizes will be held on Sunday starting at noon.  There may also be a Saturday grand prize that would be drawn at 5pm on Saturday.
    5. For some grand prizes, you must be present to win and for others there is no need to be present.  Read the label on the buckets to be sure which is which.

Banquet Prizes

    1. The Saturday evening Banquet will have a prize drawing.
    2. Pre-registrants for the banquet will be automatically entered into the banquet’s drawing.  Walk-ins will need to fill out prize tickets and submit them as they enter the banquet.  (A very limited supply of banquet tickets may be available for sale at the event.  Please check with Registration Personnel.)
    3. The ticket winner’s name and call sign (if any) will be announced up to three times.  If no one claims the prize, we’ll draw another ticket and continue until the prize is claimed.
    4. You must be present to win the Banquet prize.

Mixer Prize

    1. Raffle tickets will be handed out at the mixer.  Please fill yours out and put the completed portion in the raffle jar. Keep the other half. The mixer raffle ticket will be drawn from this jar.
    2. The ticket winner’s name and call sign, if any, will be announced up to three times. If no one claims the prize, we’ll draw another ticket and continue until the prize is claimed.
    3. You must be present to win.

Pre-registration Prize

    1. One ticket per pre-registrant will automatically be put into the pre-registered prize bucket.  There is NO ticket to fill out!  These tickets only go to people who pre-register before the cut-off date published on the Hamfest website.
    2. The Hamfest Staff will draw for this prize at the Friday night mixer, announce the winner, and hand the prize to the winner or ship it to the winner after the event is over.
    3. You do not need to be present at the drawing to win this prize.

Door Prizes

    1. You won’t need additional tickets for these.   Door-prize winners will be determined using tickets drawn randomly from each of the grand prize ticket buckets.  Winning tickets will be drawn hourly at 10 minutes before the hour each day.  Here is the schedule:
    2. For Friday, Sept. 20: 10:50 am, 11:50am, 12:50pm, 1:50pm, 2:50pm, 3:50pm, 4:50pm.
    3. For Saturday, Sept 21: 9:50am, 10:50 am, 11:50am, 12:50pm, 1:50pm, 2:50pm, 3:50pm, and 4:50pm.
    4. For Sunday, Sept 22: 9:50am, and 10:50 am.
    5. Once the staff records and posts the winner, the winning ticket goes back into an envelope at the back of the bucket from whence it came.  These tickets will be returned to the bucket itself before the drawing time for the grand prize that bucket represents.  This way the door prize winning ticket will still have a shot at the grand prize the bucket represents but not be eligible for any further door prizes.
    6. You must claim your door prize before the final drawing of the day. If prizes are unclaimed, we will add it to the prizes drawn at a shotgun later that same  day: at the Friday night mixer for Friday’s unclaimed door prizes, Saturday night Banquet for the Saturday unclaimed door prizes.  The tickets will then be drawn from the banquet prize jar.  All remaining door prizes will be given away during the final prize drawing on Sunday at noon.
    7. You must be present to win.
    8. The number of prizes available will determine the number of door-prize  drawings on any particular day.

Door Prize Raffle Drawing Process

    1. An announcer, who will be selected for each raffle drawing in advance by the  Prize Committee, will clearly describe each prize before pulling a ticket.
    2. Tickets will be drawn one at a time for each prize, in full view of everyone in the grand foyer.  The announcer will then announce the winner.
    3. If the winner is not present at that time, the winning ticket will then be handed to Staff for recording on the prize board.
    4. If the door prize is not claimed by the end of the day (5pm Fri & Sat, noon on Sun), it will be raffled off at the mixer or banquet at the end of the day or the noon raffle on Sunday.

Volunteer Prize

    1. A volunteer prize is to encourage volunteering for a minimum of four (4) hours at the event.
    2. Registered Volunteers will be entered for a prize drawing.  Each volunteer will receive one ticket for every four hours served. DCHF Board Members and staff  are not eligible for this raffle.
    3. If your ticket is pulled, and your DCHF contact verifies that you worked the 4  hours at your post, you get the prize.
    4. The prize will be selected to be useful for hams and non-hams alike.  The drawing will be made on Sunday.
    5. You do not need to be present at the drawing to win this prize.

Last Updated 3/21/2024