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Did you miss the convention, too?

May 7, 2023

After much discussion and careful consideration, the Duke City Hamfest Board of Directors have decided to cancel the 2023 event.

Over the past two years, the Board of Directors has advertised the need for individuals who would be willing to serve throughout the year and help with planning and organizing. The current minimal Board is simply unable to do the work required without additional assistance. Sadly, we heard from only a few individuals who were willing to consider helping out.

At this point in time, it is simply untenable to try to plan and produce a weekend-long hamfest and convention and stand any chance at it being a quality event. Event locations, such as Isleta, are already fully booked for the month of September. Vendors and speakers may not have enough lead time to attend an event just five months away. And the required work that is normally spread out though the preceding ten months would have to be compressed into about four.

In February we sent out a survey, asking for feedback on various items to assist with planning – we thank everyone who took the time to give thoughtful responses. Among the feedback we received, the resounding response was a desire to have a full-weekend hamfest and convention.

A common misconception we heard in numerous conversations is that putting on an event like the Duke City Hamfest and Convention is only a little harder than organizing a tailgate some weekend – the comparison isn’t even close! As anyone who has helped organize a large event with multiple presentation tracks, special events, and a banquet dinner can attest, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. When everything goes smoothly, attendees enjoy a wonderful event without ever thinking about the preparation required.

We are so grateful to have heard from many of you expressing your eagerness to volunteer the weekend of the event, give a talk, or help organize an event. Without an army of volunteers the actual weekend of the event, there would be no way the Duke City Hamfest could be successful.

So…. Do you want to see a Duke City Hamfest in 2024? If so, it’s going to take individuals willing to step up and volunteer. We look forward to hearing from you. Your ideas are important to us and always considered in our decisions.


Board of Directors
New Mexico Hamvention, Inc.

Credit: Isleta Resort and Casino/Hamfest images by Tom Winfield, WA9LKD; Pete Spotts, NM5PS

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