Special Notice

May 26, 2020: New Mexico Hamvention, Inc.'s, Board of Directors has decided to cancel this year's Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest and Convention.

Support for our event, especially during the past several years, has been growing and gratifying. This was not an easy decision for us to make. But we chose this path based on current safe-practice recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the State of New Mexico's plan for a phased reopening of the state. We also were mindful of the uncertainty surrounding the status of the COVID-19 pandemic by convention time and the uncertainty surrounding any distancing requirements, venue occupancy restrictions, or overall crowd-size limits that might still be in place to protect public health.

Any or all of these would undercut the quality of the program we could provide. But most important, we did not want to gamble with your health and safety and that of our other current and prospective attendees, volunteers, speakers, and vendors. Like most people, we are poor prognosticators under normal circumstances. This is all the more true given the uncertainties surrounding this pandemic and its future course -- not just in New Mexico, but nationwide and beyond.

Cancellation Options

If you have registered for the convention as an attendee, speaker, etc., or a commercial vendor, we have set up a single cancellation page on our website for everyone. The cancellation form's main options are:

1) Refund the total you paid;
2) Credit the total you paid toward 2021 (more on that in a moment);
3) Donate the total you paid to NMHI to support our activities next year and beyond;
4) Itemize each of the above, fee by fee. For instance, if you want to donate your $12.50 registration fee, but want us refund the $4,500,000 you spent on raffle tickets, you can do so using "Itemized Options," instead of using any of the first three options.

All four choices are found in the pull-down menu at the bottom of Page 1 of the cancellation form.

Please note that we are issuing refunds only for money paid directly to us. Your refund will be issued in the same form you used for payment -- credit/debit card or check. And don't forget to cancel your travel-related reservations.

The deadline for filing for a refund is 23:59 MDT on July 1. If by then you haven't let us know how you want your registration payments handled, we will consider them donations. To reach the cancellation page, click here.

On to 2021!

As we begin to process cancellations, we also are turning our attention to planning next year's convention, our 50th Anniversary under New Mexico Hamvention, Inc.'s, management. As part of our contract for this year's convention, next year's dates already are set for gathering at the Isleta Resort and Casino's convention facility: Sept. 16-19, 2021.

Add these to your calendar now. It will be a convention to remember!

With warm regards and best wishes for your continued health and well-being,

Board of Directors
New Mexico Hamvention, Inc.
"It's a HamFiesta!"


Credit: Isleta Resort and Casino/Hamfest images by Tom Winfield, WA9LKD; Pete Spotts, NM5PS

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