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The Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest Vision

New Mexico Hamvention, Inc., was incorporated in July, 1971, as a 501(c)3 organization. The corporation consists of a board of directors of up to nine members. Each of us is dedicated to serving the ham radio community in New Mexico and beyond through organizing our annual three-day Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest and Convention.


Hardly ancient technology, radio provides the backbone for much of today's and tomorrow's technologies -- from 5G networks, GPS navigation, and satellite-based internet networks, to collision-warning systems in a new generation of cars and trucks. It's the world of radio frequencies, and these are amateur radio's playground. Ham radio is a gateway open to just about anyone of any age to discover, even contribute to, the art and science of radio communication in a fun, hands-on way and from the comfort of one's own home.


Our goal is to support the objectives of the US Amateur Radio Service by organizing a weekend filled with talks, demonstrations, and other activities that highlight the most interesting or important facets of ham radio. We aim to engage active and inactive hams. We also aim to introduce youth, educators, citizen volunteers, and retirees to the exciting range of activities and opportunities for public service that the Amateur Radio Service provides.


As a 501(c)3 organization, we accept tax-deductible donations. That money goes to a range of uses: for example, to pay for capital expenses, such as AV equipment, that help us keep the prices we charge attendees at reasonable levels; or to pay for electronics kits for young people who attend electronics-related Scouting merit-badge courses held at the convention. As time goes on, we would like to broaden what we give back to the ham-radio community to include support for activities at other times of the year aimed specifically at new hams, young or not so young, and for the amateur-radio clubs in the state that provide those activities.


Even as we support the existing cohort of ham-radio operators, we understand that the future of amateur radio lies in engaging with and encouraging new hams of all ages in ways that keep them interested and active. We see our convention as one vital way to meet that objective.

Lets get -- and stay -- radio active!


The Board of Directors

What Is the Duke City Hamfest?

The DCHF is the perfect blend of a tailgate/flea market, ARRL convention, and ham-radio conference. It covers a wide array of topics for the new or seasoned radio amateur, and an exhibition of the hottest radios, antennas, and accessories from a variety of manufacturers, dealers, and merchants.

The DCHF attracts hams from throughout the US Southwest, Rocky Mountain states, and Mexico. The DCHF has been growing every year since pivoting from a one-day enhanced tailgate to a “full-service” three-day regional ham-radio convention.


The DCHF has a solid reputation for bringing in excellent speakers from around the US to host its banquets and speak to the assembled hams about the latest hot topics. From Friday morning to Sunday afternoon, the DCHF runs three to five parallel tracks of programs, forums, and demonstrations. Each relates to the themes carefully chosen annually for the Hamfest.

Let’s get active together! You have always wanted to enjoy New Mexico’s famous green chile and its warm hospitality. This is your chance.  See you in September!

Board of Directors and Staff

The team dedicated to ensuring that every Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest and Convention is a success


Jeff Burmeister, W5OMU, BoD


Mathias Gibbens, K0WBG, BoD, treasurer

Bill Mader, K8TE,

BoD, chairman


Don Wood, KF5MEF, BoD, secretary

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