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Technical/DIY Radio Forum Presentation List*

From the FCC's Part 97 (47 C.F.R., part 97), governing the Amateur Radio Service


§97.1   Basis and purpose...

(b) Continuation and extension of the amateur's proven ability to contribute to the advancement of the radio art.

(c) Encouragement and improvement of the amateur service through rules which provide for advancing skills in both the communication and technical phases of the art.

(d) Expansion of the existing reservoir within the amateur radio service of trained operators, technicians, and electronics experts.

*This list is subject to updates. Forums are listed in alphabetical order of presenter's last name. You can find biographical information here.

Homebrewing Vacuum-Tube SSB Transmitters, Mike Bohn, KG7TR

Beyond the Multimeter: How to See if Your Gear Measures Up, Larry Goga, AE5CZ

How to Obtain Modestly Priced Test Gear for Your Bench, Larry Goga, AE5CZ

Enter the Era of Software-Defined Test Equipment, Brent Gordon (with Larry Goga, AE5CZ)

Antennas for Restricted Spaces, Gil Gray, N2GG

Friday Build-a-thon: Bidirectional QRP Wattmeter (three hours), Rex Harper, W1REX

Saturday Build-a-thon: The NoS Three-fer - Dummy Load, RF Probe, Frequency Counter (three hours), Rex Harper, W1REX

Bringing your Kenwood TS-930 and TS-940 Back to Life, Jeffrey Hilliard, AK6OK

Restoring Great Old Nostalgic Radios – Bringing Boatanchors Back To Life
Mike Langner, K5MGR

Antennas That Work, and Why, Bill Mader, K8TE

Wire in the Air: What Matters Most, Kristen McIntyre, K6WXA

Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Propagation: What It Is and How to Use It, Alden Oyer, AG5S

SpaceVNX, Bill Ripley, KY5Q

"The Electronics of Radio,"* David Rutledge, KN6EK

Arrays of Light: Experiences With the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Among Antennas, Tom Schiller, N6BT

*The book uses the popular NorCal 40A QRP transceiver kit as a window into the theory of and design techniques for analog radios.

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