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Isleta Resort and Casino Reservations


This beautiful resort, with its convention facility and RV Park, is located 8.5 miles south of the Albuquerque International Sunport, just off of I-25 (Exit 215), on the historic Isleta Pueblo. All facilities associated with the Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest and Convention are no-smoking areas. The hotel and RV park also make a great "base" from which to explore New Mexico either before or after the convention.

In addition to traveling by airline or by car, you can travel to the resort via Amtrak to Albuquerque, then pick up New Mexico's Rail Runner (southbound), a regional commuter rail line that has a station at Isleta.

Our rooms are available at a convention rate of $109 per night for rooms with either one king-size or two queen-size beds and are available at that price between Thursday, Sept. 17, and Sunday, Sept. 20. When reserving rooms, please use the the reservation page the resort has set up for us. You'll find it here. You also can make reservations by phone at 877-475-3827. If you make reservations by phone, be sure to give the reservation representative our convention number: HAM0921.

If you travel to our convention in your RV, Isleta's RV Park has set aside at least 22 slots for us. However, the park does not take reservations. So we will be acting as our convention's RV Park reservation agents. For details and conditions, please see our RV sign-up page, found here. Slots are $37.10 per night -- you get three nights for the price of two. The resort does not permit dry camping in its main parking lots.

For all attendees, valet parking at Isleta is free; we strongly encourage tipping valets.

If you fly in, an airport shuttle is available through the resort's Valet Department. Call 505-724-3800 and ask for the Valet desk. Please set up your shuttle appointment as far in advance as possible prior to your arrival date.


Welcome to the convention's advance-registration section

Some factoids before you dive in:

  • Who should use this page? Anyone who is not a commercial vendor should register here. If you are a commercial vendor, please use the vendor registration page found here.

  • Admission fees: The admission fee for the hamfest is $12.50 in advance, $15 at the door. The fee covers admission for the entire weekend. The last day for advance registration is Monday, Sept. 16.

  • Friday all-day courses: Our two all-day courses -- HF University and EmComm College -- will take place simultaneously from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. The fee for each is $10. These courses no longer include breakfast as part of their programs, although breakfast will be offered on a cash-at-the-counter basis. See the Meals page for information on breakfast. Visit the Program page for information on these popular courses.

  • T-shirts, meals, and flea-market tables: You order these using the main registration form below. Be sure to visit their individual web pages -- via the turquoise submenu at the top of the page -- for details on each.

  • Scrolling: As you fill out the registration form, a scroll bar may appear along the right edge of the form. It will allow you to continue moving down the form to complete the registration page on which it appears. If the form looks like it's cut off at the bottom, look for the scroll bar.

  • Methods of payment: We prefer that you pay by credit or debit card. However, you also can pay by check. At the bottom of the form's last page, you'll be asked to select a payment type: check or card. If you select check, please make a note of the total amount due before clicking on the "Submit" button. Once you click on Submit, you'll see a page with instructions for mailing your check to us. Your total does not carry over to this page, which is why you'll need to note your amount due before you click on "Submit." Be sure to include a copy of your registration-confirmation email when you send your check. If you select credit/debit card and click on "Submit," you'll automatically arrive at the card-payment form.

  • Second chances! If you already have registered and decide to add prepaid meals, t-shirts, one of the all-day classes on Friday, or a flea-market table or tailgate slot, use the registration form below and select "Adding items" from the drop-down menu at the top of the form. You'll need to fill out your basic information again. When you finish, you'll need to check out again. When your check-out transaction is complete, we'll include your additions in your registration packet.

  • Firearms: The convention is being held at a facility within Isleta Pueblo, which has its own firearms regulations. Isleta Resort and Casino prohibits firearms on the premises. If you have any question about specifics, please call 505-724-3800 and ask to speak with Security.

  • Refunds: New Mexico Hamvention, Inc. (Duke City Hamfest) will honor requests for refunds from attendees. The request must be received prior to August 1, 2020, for all or a portion of registration fees. The refund will be issued either by check or credit-card refund at the discretion of New Mexico Hamvention, Inc.


Finally(!): The form may take a moment or two to appear. If the box below remains empty, freshen the page by using your browser's reload or refresh button. If you have any trouble with our advance-registration form, please contact the webmaster at for timely help.


We look forward to welcoming you!

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