• Pete Spotts - NM5PS

Radio Merit Badge Course

Do you have a Scout in your family, immediate or extended, interested in radio communication? Is said Scout interested in snagging the Radio Merit Badge? At the Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest and Convention, we're hosting an all-day Radio Merit Badge course sponsored and conducted by members of the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association. The course runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For details and schedule, visit the course registration page. You'll find it here.  

As an added bonus, each Scout taking the course will receive at no charge a Morse-code sender kit, designed by Rex Harper, W1REX, of QRPme.com. The kit requires a small amount of soldering. But when it's finished, each Scout receiving one will have a fully functioning Morse code sender (the key is built in), with the code emerging either as sound or via a bright light-emitting diode.

These kits were designed last year for the 100th Anniversary of Troop 329,

Limerick, ME. The celebration morphed into a full-fledged District Camporee where about 90 Scouts built the kits out in the field using battery-powered soldering irons. Rumor has it that residents noted an unusual uptick in the number of "fireflies" in the woods that night. ;-)

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