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General-Interest Forum Presentation List*

*This list is subject to updates. Forums are listed in alphabetical order of presenter's last name. You can find biographical information here.

Ham Radio Through the Eyes of YLs and XYLs (Discussion Forum), MaryAnn Cornett, NS7X

Ham Vacation to the mid-Atlantic - Azores 2015: Bruce Frahm, K0BJ (with Mike Corey, KI1U, and Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT)

How to Become a Ham-Radio Operator, Gil Gray, N2GG

124 Years of Amateur Radio, James Hanlon, W8KGI

RMS Titanic Disaster: Proving Radio's Worth, Paul Harden, NA5N

​The ABCs of QRP, Rex Harper, W1REX

Meet the Parametric Receive Audio System, Bob Heil, K9EID

Intro to the 10-10 International, Marcus Lieberman, KM5EH

Summits on the Air, New Mexico Style, Fred Maas, KT5X (with John DePrimo, K1JD, George Yoakum. WB5USB, Randy Diddel, K5RHD, and Tom Armer, K6TAA)

Mentoring 101 for Elmers, Bill Mader, K8TE

Contesting's ABCs for the Newcomer and, Maybe, the Old-Timer, Bill Mader, K8TE

How to Use an HT, Ed Poccia, KC2LM

Club Media Relations, Part 1: Getting to and Through the Gatekeepers, Pete Spotts, NM5PS

Club Media Relations, Part 2: They Need Good Pix; You Can Take Them, Pete Spotts, NM5PS

Baker Island DXpedition 2018: Ned Stearns, AA7A


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