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For Speakers


Thank you for agreeing to prepare and present a forum for the 2020 Duke City Hamfest and Convention/ARRL New Mexico State Convention. We deeply appreciate your willingness to share your expertise and love of amateur radio with a broad audience of prospective, new, and experienced hams.


Be sure to register in advance using the on-line form found under the Registration/Lodging menu item above. Please indicate "Speaker" when you are prompted for a registration type. This ensures that you will not be charged the weekend admission fee. We will have your badge, meal tickets, etc., in your registration packet, as well as a schedule of events. When you arrive, look for the advance-registration side of the registration desk for faster service.


Please provide the following material electronically within two weeks of our speaker confirmation email so that we may properly introduce you and describe your presentation to our website visitors and include that information in our convention program and promotional material.


  • A digital “head shot” (passport style) photo

  • Your name and call sign as you would like these to appear in the program*

  • A short biography describing your life, achievements, and amateur-radio related interests (100-200 words)

  • The title of your forum (40 characters, maximum)

  • A short synopsis of your forum (100 words, maximum)

*If you were a speaker in the last couple of years, we will use the material we have on file for you. Please review on line at our website. If the material needs updating, send us a revision and/or new photo and we will use them.

Determine which forum format works best to communicate your main points:

  • Q&A format

  • Hands-on/tools on hand format

  • Handouts, which work well standing alone or to support other forum formats

  • Presentation software

    • We support LibreOffice Impress and Microsoft PowerPoint only. LibreOffice is free software and can be dowloaded here.

    • See presentation guidelines and DCHF's suggested presentation template


Prior to Sept. 10, 2020, please email the following items to so that we can load them onto our computers for you ahead of time. If your slides are not in hand by this deadline, please bring them on a memory stick.

  • A copy of your presentation in PowerPoint format .ppt or .pptx or in Libre Office – Presentation format. Libre Office is free software which can be downloaded on line.

  • A copy of your presentation in pdf format for posting to our website after your presentation(s).


This year’s event will use five rooms for forums. Four rooms will seat up to 64, classroom style. The fifth seats up to about 120 at round banquet tables.


These rooms will be outfitted with:

  • A microphone

  • A projection screen

  • A projector

  • A computer running Windows. If you need an Apple computer, you will need to provide that yourself. If you prefer to use your own laptop, please let us know what type of projector connector your computer uses.

  • A small podium suitable for a laptop

  • And 8-foot-long table

  • Please do not place any liquid containers on the computer stand/table. Use the shelf under the computer or a nearby table. It is all too easy to spill the soda, water, etc. on to the computer ruining the smooth flow of the day. Thank you!


If you have any special requests, such as using your own computer, the use of a particular video format, amplified sound from the computer, slide projector, or transparency projector, please let the hamfest staff know no later than a month prior to the event. Send requests to


If you'd like to download a copy of these guidelines, you can do so here.


Thanks again for joining us!

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