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EmComm/Public Service/STEM Forum Presentation List*

From the FCC's Part 97 (47 C.F.R., part 97), governing the Amateur Radio Service


§97.1   Basis and purpose...

(a) Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.

*This list is subject to updates. Forums are listed in alphabetical order of presenter's last name. You can find biographical information here.

Building a Prototype Cross-Band Repeater for STEM CubeSat, Abigail Bass, KG5QDE (with Jared Manalo, KG5TWD)

Introduction to MARS, Jeff Burmeister, W5OMU

Intro to ARES Connect, a volunteer-management, communications, and reporting system, Mike Corey, ARRL, KI1U

How to Pass Traffic Like a Pro, MaryAnn Cornett, NS7X

Civil Air Patrol: Amateur Radio’s Role, Col. Mike Lee

SKYWARN® Training, Kerry Jones, NWS, KD5EFU

NM ARES/EmComm Forum, Jay Miller, W5WHN

Space Station in the Classroom: Steps to a Successful ARISS* Grant, Chuck Newman, KG5BFM (with Alma Ripley)

Integrating Ham Radio Into STEM Education, Alma Ripley, Albuquerque Public Schools, (with Chuck Newman, KG5BFM)

RADO Class on Wildfire Communications, Jim Rooney, N4JJR (Four-hour class)

VA Hospital Stations: Helping Vets and the Community, Duke Winsor, AE5TJ, and Rick Hernandez, W5RKY

*Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

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