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Digital Radio DC to Daylight Forum Presentation List*

*This list is subject to updates. Forums are listed in alphabetical order of presenter's last name. You can find biographical information here.

Brandmeister 101: Intro to the Fastest Growing Segment of DMR, Bob Finch, W9YA

In My Backyard: Setting Up Brandmeister Repeaters and Hot Spots, Bob Finch, W9YA

The Real FT8, JT65, and JT9 SNR Revealed, Jim Frazier, KC5RUO

D-STAR, For the Second Century of Amateur Radio, Ed James, KA8JMW

Operating in the HF Digital World, Jim Kajder, AF5FH

Digital Mobile Radio: Best Practices for Operating on Repeaters and Networks, Mike Lozano, K0NGA

Digital Mobile Radio: HT/Mobile Programming Basics, Mike Lozano, K0NGA

DMR Programming: Advanced Topics - Beyond Channels and Zones, Mike Lozano, K0NGA

FT8 DXpedition Mode: Will DXing Ever Be the Same? Ned Stearns, AA7A

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