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Las Amigas Craft Classes

Loom Knitting + Kit

Ham-radio conventions are great fun, but if you need a break from hearing your spouse wax eloquent about things that buzz, beep, blink, and click, join Las Amigas -- Theresa Bacon, Cissy Gauthier, Judy Morgenstern, and Cathy Spotts -- for craft classes. The classes run 90 minutes each, with the crochet class spanning two sessions. If you want to undertake a project, there is a nominal fee for each class to cover kits or supplies. The instructors also welcome interested observers. Whether you want to participate with your old or new kit, or you only want to observe, please use the form at the bottom of the page to sign up for these classes and buy kits.

Note: Additional craft classes may be added, so check back periodically for updates.

Crochet Class

Learn Crochet with Cissy Gauthier and with support from Theresa Bacon and Judy Morgenstern. Learn to crochet a granny square, which can be used as one of many squares in a baby blanket, lap blanket, or afghan.  The crochet kit costs $8 and includes a crochet hook, needle, two skeins of yarn (one solid, one variegated) sufficient for about 13 squares, and a pattern. 


The 13 squares would consist of:

  • 5 solid

  • 4 squares combining variegated yarn with solid-color yarn. You'll learn how to use a popcorn stitch to make the center flower

  • 4 squares combining variegated yarn and solid yarn, which you'll use to learn to use back-stitching to make a 3D flower


A completed afghan requires 63 squares and costs between $25 and $40, depending on the yarn chosen and  whether you can apply coupons or purchase the yarn on sale.


Loom Knitting Class

Have you ever wanted to knit but knitting needles drove you nuts? Do you want to be able to knit hats or scarves for the kids or grand-kids, your local hospital, or the homeless quickly and easily? Join Cathy Spotts for a Loom Knitting class! If you are interested in leaving the convention with a set of looms as well as a scarf, neck warmer, a hat, or at least the beginnings of these, a loom-knitting kit costs $18. It includes a set of four different sized looms, a loom-knitting hook, a needle, and four pompom makers. Cathy will help you work on the project of your choice. The class is free if you bring your own looms or if you just want to drop by and see how it's done.

Please bring your own yarn. The dimensions of the scarf you want to make will determine the amount of yarn you will need. Most scarves will require more than 1 skein unless it is a super-sized skein and you keep the scarf narrow. Thicker yarn -- size 5 or 6 -- produces a really thick, dense, warm scarf. Size 4 yarn will produce a softer, more pliable scarf. Bring at least one skein of your desired yarn to get you started.


If you prefer to do a hat, one skein (around 90 yards) will yield one basic regular adult hat. Two skeins will suffice for hats for larger heads or looser hats and will ensure that you can finish a hat before running out of yarn. If you use Size 4 yarn, you will need about 250 yards since you will need to use double yarn to bulk up your knitting.


You can mix colors on Size 4 yarn – one black and one gray, or one cream and one a soft green or one blue and one green or one variegated and one solid. Whatever you choose we can make it work, but you may have to go back and buy more to finish your project. We will have a few extra skeins in case you forget, but they may not come in your favorite color!


Locker Hooking Class

Do you enjoy the look of knobbly fabrics? Do you have lots of fabric leftovers? Do you need more trivets, coasters, runners, a purse, a pillow, or wall art? Do you enjoy learning new crafts? If you answer yes to any of these then this locker-hooking class taught by Cathy Spotts is right for you. The kit will cost $18. It will include enough canvas to make a 5.25” square trivet, a selection of fabric, locker yarn, and a locker hooking tool.


Aromatherapy Bracelet Class

Theresa Bacon will guide you through making an aromatherapy bracelet and introduce you to the variety of essential oils available to apply to the bracelet. The cost of the class is $18. Participants will receive wire, magical crimps, magnetic clasp and can choose from various sizes of lava beads, natural stones, and tierra cast spacers to create the bracelet.

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