2019 Presentations

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Friday, Sept. 20, All-Day Courses

AMSAT® Academy

Eggert -  Getting Started with Amateur Radio Satellites

EmComm College

High Frequency University 3.0

Mader - For those who signed up for HFU 3.0

Forums, Mixer, and Banquet Talks, and Short Courses

Friday, Sept. 20

Friday Night Mixer


Mader - From New Licensees to Active Hams


Blosser - Good, Bad, Ugly of Spcl-Event Stns

Duffey - Moxon Antennas

Harper -

Hinsman - SFARES's Emcomm System

Langner - Not available

Paquette -

Parmenter - ADBS rcvr and FlightAware

Petrovich - Intro to DX Lab software

Schwantes - VHF contesting

Sherwood - RX-TX Performance

Spotts - Media relations 1 (words)

Spotts - Media relations 2 (photos)

Spotts - Straight Key Century Club

Saturday, Sept., 21

Saturday DX/Contesting Bkfst


Sherwood - QRP on Easter Island

Saturday Night Banquet


Hollingsworth - (no slides used)

Applegate -

Casler - Fun With SWR

Casler - Elmering via YouTube

Cornett - YL/XYL Forum (no slides used)

Eggert -  Getting Started with Amateur Radio Satellites

Finch - BrandMeister Takes a Bow

Frazier - Hands-on Intro to FT8 and BPSK31

Additional Material:

FT8 - Frequency/Time sync

Configuring stn for FT8 QSOs

How to get on air w/BPSK31

How to install WSJT-X v.2.1.0

Configuring WSJT-X

Gen'l overview of FT8 ops

KC5RUO hardware config

The real S/N ratio explained

Typical FT8 QSOs

Goga - Review of low-cost antenna analyzers plus handout

Goga - Deeper Look at VNA analyzers plus handout

Hollingsworth - 

Langner - Not available

Langner - Not available

Mader - Art of Elmering

Mader, Riply, A - Ham Clubs and STEM

McIntyre - Not-So-Simple Antennas

via sugarsync.com (large file)

Petrovich - Favorite portable antennas

Ripley, B - Smith Charts 101

Samuelson - See "4 Elmers..."


Shapiro - Tools, Techniques for SOTA

Sherwood - 630 Meters Needs You!

Sunday, Sept. 22

Sunday WWV 100th Anniv. Bkfst


Deutch - 


Cornett, et al - Ham Radio Lingo (no slides used)

Duffey - Contesting From a Car

Gray - Antennas for Restricted Spaces

Gray et al - 4 Elmers and an Elmera

Hollingsworth -

Jones -

Mader - Measuring Antenna Performance

Miller - NM ARES Forum (no slides)

McIntyre - Op Amps for Fun and Profit!

Poccia - JS8, FT8's text-msg cousin

Ripley, B - AMSAT: The Glory Years

Rohrbacher - NM Project 25 Pub. Svc. Comms Upgrade

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